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Letfs hear it for Kyotofs Own Purple Sanga!!

@When I was in high school I traveled with my soccer team to play in youth tournaments all over Europe.It was a great experience particularly because it showed me the true power sport has to transcend cultures and boundaries.In Japan, soccer continues to become ever more popular and you do not need to be able to speak the language to enjoy some great action like Kyotofs local team.The Kyoto Purple Sanga have returned to J.Leaguefs top division!On game days you can see streams of fans clad in purple lining up to enter Nishikyogoku Stadium to support their favorite team.Why purple you ask?Purple was the official color of old imperial Kyoto.Kyotofs team has been promoted after an extremely successful 2005 campaign in J.Leaguefs Division 2.The J.League has grown more popular and the quality of play has greatly improved since its inaugural 1993 season.The Purple Sanga began their attempt to top the J1 table on March 5th in Yokohama against FC Marinos.The home match schedule for the next month is listed below.

@Tickets can be bought online through various websites such as Lawson Ticket (, CNPlayguide (, or Rakuten Chikketo ( can also purchase tickets at special vending machines in local convenience stores like Family Mart and 7-11.





April 2



Avispa Fukuoka

April 22



Kawashima Antlers

May 3



Albirex Nigata

@With the 2006 World Cup in Germany just around the corner it is time for everybody to get excited about soccer!Why not check out what Kyoto has to offer in addition to all its history and temples?An easily accessible stadium on the Hankyu Line and ticket prices starting at \1,500 make for a unique Kyoto experience.For more information check out the teamfs official website: more information on the J.League in English go to:

-by Jamie Ravetz

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Aoi Matsuri

@On May 15th, the annual Aoi Matsuri, a traditional festival popular throughout all of Japan, is held in Kyoto. The name, gAoi,his derived from the leaves of the Aoi plant (Geraniums).Geraniums decorate the clothing and oxcarts of all of the festival participants.This symbol can be observed throughout the kilometer-long parade.

@The procession is led by the famous horse-riders of Kamigamo Shrine and the forerunners called Suof wearing warrior costumes from the Edo period. Others are dressed up as court officers, messengers, and holy maidens.Horses, traditionally used to console the gods, traditional oxcarts, and large flower umbrellas also dot the parade

@This procession gets underway at 10:30AM from the Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho) and makes its way across Aoi Bridge to Shimogamo Shrine, one of the two Kamo Shrines. After a ceremony is held there, the procession moves to Kamigamo Shrine further north, where a similar ceremony is conducted. The parade then returns to the grounds of the Imperial Palace.

@The Aoi Matsuri is one of the three biggest festivals in Kyoto along with the Gion and Jidai Festivals held on July 17th and October 22nd respectively.It is also the oldest festival, originating sometime in the 6th century.It is an opportunity not to be missed because it provides a glimpse of Japanfs ancient and medieval history as well as its traditional imperial household and court nobles.

-by Saburo Narita

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Letfs Learn Japanese!? 

April is the perfect time of year to start learning something new.For those of you thinking you would like to learn to speak Japanese, why not check out some of the opportunities available to you in Kyoto?


School name or Organization name

Type of student/comments

Classes taught by volunteers

ENihongo Club

EKyoto International Community House

EThose wishing to improve their everyday conversation

EAnother chance to practice Japanese

Language Schools


EKyoto YMCA Japanese Language School

EJapanese school database

EPeople who need Japanese for their jobs

EPeople who desire to learn the basics

EEnrollment and course fees vary by school

Private lessons

EThe message corner at the International Community House

EPeople with busy schedules who want to study at their own pace

@I visited Nihongo Club to get a first-hand look at the Japanese lessons being taught there by volunteers and was received by staff member Atsuko Sugimoto.She said, gWe have students, housewives, and even researchers, studying enthusiastically at Nihongo Club. Their Japanese levels range from beginners who canft say a word to those that can read a newspaper.h Nihongo Club was established ten years ago.This popular school currently has eleven classes. Beginner classes focusing on conversation run side by side classes for those studying for Japanese language certification exams ({ꌟ莎).Whatfs the secret of the schoolfs success?According to Ms Sugimoto, gThe abundant energy and quality of our volunteers!We have about ten volunteers with Japanese teaching certification that form a solid group that really enjoy teaching.h

@I also spoke to Rebecca Andrews, a current student at Nihongo Club.She said, gI was really pleased when I found the classes offered by Nihongo Club, for a long time I had been looking for convenient, good quality lessons at a reasonable price. I'd tried other places but really didn't feel as if I was making much progress. The newcomers classes I do at Nihongo Club are relaxed, enjoyable and inexpensive, additionally I've met many people through the classes and now really feel that my Japanese ability is progressing.h

@Ms Sugimoto adds, gIn the future it is going to be important to meet the growing needs of the foreigner community in Japan. Through the cooperation of various NPOs and businesses the dissemination of information to this community is progressing.hI look forward to further developments.

Date and Time: Mon, Wed, and Fri 10AM-3PM@@@Fee: Ticket system-1-time ticket is \800(5 for \4,000)

Admission: Anytime (You can visit one class for free)@@@Location:

@Starting in April, Nihongo Club will change its name to Japanese Space Kyoto ({ԁEs) and a new type of Japanese class will begin:

Nihongo Club will also offer:ƂŃT(Machiya De Salon)

Japanese Space Kyoto and Trademark Kyoto will partner in organizing various bazaars, seminars, and parties with the opening of the Exchange Salon. For more information visit their homepage:

Or contact the Nihongo Club at 075-361-0882 or

A comprehensive list of Japanese language learning opportunities in Kyoto and the Kansai area is available at the International Community House.Just ask staff members at the Information Corner on the first floor.

-by Yumiko Fujiwara

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Buzz Words @Here we introduce recent words of topic in Japan

DETOX@ A new way to keep healthy by eliminating toxic substances from your body

@Detox (detoxification) is the process by which a person attempts to rid their body of harmful substances. Up to the now, we have tended to try to consume things that are good for our body. But it has become clear that toxic substances in our body prevent absorption of nutrients and that is why many people are getting to think that a proper metabolism, excreting waste through urine and sweat, in other words, undergoing detox makes your body healthy. Detox goods like water, herbs, germanium, and so on can be found at local drug stores.

-by Chikako Okajima

Series: My favorite Kyoto

@Among the cities I have lived, Kyoto is definitely my favorite.The city is not very large, but you can experience many aspects of Japanese culture here.You can experience the traditional and peaceful side of Japan.There are many famous temples around Kyoto. I especially like Kiyomizudera and the temples around the Higashiyama area.That area is traditional, unique, and elegant.Walking along the streets feels like I am walking a Japanese street from one hundred years ago.I still remember the time when I visited a temple near Higashiyama at night to see the red leaves.The red leaves were beautiful, but the Japanese garden was more impressive.There was a pond inside the garden where you could see the reflection of trees and lights on the surface of the pond.It looked like I was flying above the trees and the dark sky.The scene was so beautiful that it cannot be explained purely in words.

-by Kevin Wong

Kiyomizudera, the gPure Water Temple,h is easy to get to by bus-numbers100, 202, or 206.Better yet-take a bus to Gion and walk from there.Beautiful views of the city and a bustling atmosphere make for one of Kyotofs finest temples.And the comparatively cheap \300 entrance fee doesnft hurt either!

Event Information

Kyoto Guide Club One-day Tour

Letfs enjoy the season of fresh green!Hiking from Hozukyo to Arashiyama!

Time and date: May 21 (Sun) Meet at 10:30AM/Will finish around 3PM

Participants: Up to 30 non-Japanese residents@@@@Contact: 075-752-3511Please apply via phone.

Fee: FreeASponsored by the KCIF and led by the Kyoto Guide Club @@

Further information will be sent to participants by mail.

Kyoto YWCA Thrift Shop

Tons of bargains on clothes and everyday items!All profits will be put towards our work for womenfs independence and education, peace, human rights, nuclear issues, and the support of foreigners.

Time: The first and third Saturday of each month (April 1/15EMay 6/20)11AM-2PM Sponsor: Kyoto YWCA@@@ TEL:075-431-0351 @@Fax:075-431-0352@@E-mail: WEB@:

Kyoto City Hall Flea Market

If you donft need it give it to someone who does!

TIME: Apr 2 (Sun)EMay 3 (Sun) 10AM-5PM

PLACE :On the corner of Kawaramachi Dori and Oikeseihoku @In front of City Hall

Check for the future schedule

Sponsor: Plus One Network@@@Tel: 075-229-7713

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